List of finance companies in NZ that did not fail during the GFC

With all of the media attention that was paid to finance companies that failed, here is a list of some well known NZ finance companies that didn’t fail:

Avanti Finance
Instant Finance

It might be more worthwhile to examine how the finance companies that survived the crisis did so rather than why the ones that collapsed failed, i.e. which aspects of their lending and debt collection policies allowed them to maintain positive cashflow and/or profitability during that time period.  Perhaps finance companies with a higher ratio of small loans where loan arrears on individual loans are more common have a broader statistical base and so are able to make more informed management decisions that those finance companies where the lending consists mainly of only a few large loans (perhaps to entities that are in some way associated with the financier where lending criteria and/or interest rate had been relaxed).  In a sense, finance companies with a higher ratio of small loans were more highly diversified.