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This New Zealand Surf Guide is an online guide that covers surfing conditions at various breaks throughout the country, organized by location. For each location, there will be a general description of the beach, combined with preferred wind and swell direction information, and any other applicable notes. The guide also accepts user submitted contributions, which can be made using the link on the bottom right of this page. Your email address can also be published along with your contribution (protected by reCAPTCHA).

It currently covers Northland (Forestry and Pakiri), Auckland (Piha and Muriwai), the Bay of Plenty (Matakana Island and Mount Maunganui), Taranaki (Southpoint) and Hawke's Bay (Waimarama Beach).

New Zealand is bordered on all sides by the ocean, so it offers a great variety of coastline, predominantly black sand beach beaches on the Western side, and white sandy beaches to the East. Shark attacks on surfers are extremely rare in New Zealand due to the colder sea temperatures relative to other parts of the world and also due to the type of sharks usually present. From autumn to spring virtually all beaches are relatively uncrowded due to the cooler temperature, the necessity of wearing a wetsuit, and many people prefer to head to the ski slopes during winter. Having said that, city beaches can become crowded during summer.

Most beaches are accessible by road, and in some areas it is permissible to drive 4WD vehicles on beaches (ask around first at the local Visitor's Information Office). There are some beaches that can be accessed by private road only and a small fee may apply (for example Newdicks beach near Maketu in the Bay of Plenty). Also some beaches are more dangerous than others due to strong rips, varying depth parallel to the shore, and consistently large waves, especially for swimmers (examples are Piha, Maori Bay and Muriwai near Auckland), so take care. At some beaches there are lifeguards on duty during the day in summer, however you still need to be careful.





Bay of Plenty

Matakana Island
Mt Maunganui


South Point

Hawke's Bay

Waimarama Beach

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